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6 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

If you’ve thought about hiring a personal trainer but are worried about spending the money, it may be time to take a closer look at the benefits a personal trainer provides. It’s a wise investment. Here are some reasons why working with a skilled trainer pays big dividends in the long run.
    Professional personal trainers have the knowledge to ensure you’re doing each exercise properly and that you’re doing the right exercises for an intended muscle group. While watching yourself in the mirror gives you feedback about your form, it’s better to have someone with you who knows when to tweak something if needed. Continuing to do an exercise incorrectly can easily lead to injury. Personal trainers can also show you how to modify exercises based on any previous injuries or mobility challenges.
    A personal trainer is far more likely to hold you accountable for missing a workout or not working out as hard as you should. It’s their job to see that you’re getting results from your workouts. There’s also the fact that you’re paying a trainer so taking it easy means that you aren’t getting the most for your hard-earned money.
    While it’s true that a trainer will push more strenuously than you would on your own, they also know when to pull back and keep you from moving ahead prematurely (which can lead to injury). A trainer also knows when to push you beyond your comfort zone to get the best results.
    Good trainers evaluate your strengths, weakness, and goals to develop a customized workout that’s right for you. They don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach that has you doing exercises from which you get little benefit. They’ll teach you new things and help you become familiar with machines and exercises you haven’t tried.
    We’ve already mentioned a trainer can help prevent injury,  but a trainer will make sure that you’re doing exercises properly and safely, while also adjusting your workouts if old aches and pain flare up. They’ll also notice when you develop an imbalance between certain muscles, which can also lead to injury.
    A personal trainer will work with you to establish realistic but meaningful goals and help you to attain them. They provide encouragement by noticing improvements that you might not have noticed on your own, which help you push forward when you get discouraged or when your motivation wanes. A trainer will also help you get past a plateau, i.e., when you’re doing the same routine without getting the same results.