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YMCA Staff

Johnathan Pope – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, CEO 812.492.6701

Jennifer Brown – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, COO 812.492.6702

Gina Moore – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, Administrative Assistant 812.492.6703

Tricia Blazier – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, HR Director 812.492.6725

Lisa Verkamp – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, Senior Strategic Engagement Director 812.492.6714

Ashley Cabanaw – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, Engagement Director – Events & Fundraising 812.492.6710

Grant Brown – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, Engagement Director – Christian Mission & Awareness

Samantha Scott – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, CFO 812.492.6726

Madeline Smith – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, Accounting Director 812.492.6724

Angie McAtee – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, Staff Accountant (Accounts Payable) 812.492.6727

Amy Epley – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, Accounts Receivable Specialist 812.492.6728

Crystal Paroyan – YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, District Branch Executive Director 812.491.7709

Krista Flewallen – Ascension St. Vincent YMCA, Membership Director 812.492.6704

Heather Polley – Ascension St. Vincent YMCA, Aquatics Director 812.492.6708

Christen Mitchell – Ascension St. Vincent YMCA, Senior Wellness Director 812.492.6715

Karen Gorman – Ascension St. Vincent YMCA, Group Exercise Coordinator 812.492.6710

Rick King – Ascension St. Vincent YMCA, Senior Maintenance Director 812.492.6711

Laurie Spencer – Dunigan Family YMCA, Membership Director 812.491.7724

Mikaela Scheu – Dunigan Family YMCA, Aquatics Director 812.491.7711

Nathalie Moreno – Dunigan Family YMCA, Wellness Coordinator 812.492.6709

Jared Nutt – Dunigan Family YMCA, Youth Sports Coordinator

Christa Kramer – Dunigan Family YMCA, Group Exercise Coordinator 812.491.7722

Kelly Boylls – YMCA Child Care Services, Executive Branch Director 812.492.6718

Kathryn Johnson – YMCA Child Care Services, Child Care Coordinator 812.492.6719

Brandon Schu – YMCA Child Care Services, Child Care Coordinator 812.492.7710

Dana Rust – YMCA Child Care Services, Child Care Coordinator 812.491.7715

Lauren Devine – YMCA Child Care Services, Child Care Coordinator 812.492.6720

Sean Kuykendall – YMCA Community Outreach, Executive Branch Director 812.492.6716

Julie Davis-Brunner – Community Outreach Branch, Caldwell Community Center Director 812.598.7125

Emily Atchley – YMCA Community Outreach, Administrative Director

Ariah Leary – Community Outreach Branch, 21st Century Director 812.456.8704

Thaddaus Summers – Community Outreach Branch, After School Coordinator-YCAP

Brandi Crow – Community Outreach Branch, Director of Literacy Programs 812.204.9691

Latrecia Robertson – Community Outreach Branch, DIAMONDS Coordinator

Jim Sexstone – YMCA Camp Carson, Branch Executive Director 513.383.0204

Sarah Hooper – YMCA Camp Carson, Senior Program Director 812.385.3597

Ryan Meeks – YMCA Camp Carson, Program Director 812.385.3597

Sarah Pickert – YMCA Camp Carson, Camp Registrar 812.385.3597

Heather Pierce – YMCA Camp Carson, Director of Engagement & Development 812.385.3597

Matt Schooler – YMCA Camp Carson, Facilities Manager 812.385.3597