Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons - YMCA of Southwestern Indiana

Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons

No matter what your age, our swim lessons will build internal strength and positive values that guide their choices and decisions, all while having fun in the water. Both youth and adults gain a tremendous sense of self-worth when they learn swim and improve aquatic skills.

Our private swim lessons are perfect for anyone with classes based around your needs and schedule. They are also a great opportunity for those parents that want the one-on-one atmosphere for their children or for those wanting to make the transition to competitive swimming. Lessons are designed to give participants individualized attention to improve or master their swimming skills.

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All private and semi-private lessons are available at either the St. Vincent or Dunigan location.

Private – 1/2 Hr Single Lesson
$17 (YM) / $25 (NM)
Private – 6 Lessons
$96 (YM) / $144 (NM)
Private – Buy 12 lessons, get 1 FREE
$192 (YM) / $288 (NM)
Semi-Private – 1/2 Hr Single Lesson
$14 (YM) / $22 (NM)
Semi-Private – 6 Lessons
$78 (YM) / $126 (NM)
Semi-Private – Buy 12 Lessons, get 1 FREE
$156 (YM) / $252 (NM)


*(YM) means YMCA member, which have full use of the St. Vincent and Dunigan YMCAs.
(NM) means Non-Member, which are enrolled in an individual YMCA program without being a YMCA Member.