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Water Fitness

Welcome to water fitness at the Y. Our water fitness classes, taught by certified water fitness instructors, have everything that you’re looking for! Flexibility, range of motion, muscle conditioning, improved cardiovascular endurance and muscle tone by using the buoyancy and resistance of the water. This is a great way to workout with no impact or harmful effects on joints/muscles and stay cool. Ideal for all fitness levels, non-swimmers included. All water workout classes are FREE to YMCA members.

Fee Schedule for Non-Members

  • 1 Class per week = $20 per session
  • 2 Classes per week = $37 per session
  • 3 Classes per week = $54 per session

Group Water Exercise Class

Get your metabolism jump started for the day by participating in intense early morning shallow water aqua aerobics.

Aqua Challenge
A class that will challenge your cardiovascular and muscular capabilities, while having fun using aqua buoys and water resistance. This class is a total body workout!! No swimming ability required.

Aqua Moves
Activate your aqua exercise urge for variety!  Aqua Moves offers LOTS of fun with shallow water moves to improve agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.  This class uses different technique and equipment to develop strength, balance, and coordination. No swimming ability required.

Aqua Pilates
This class combines combines the principles yoga and pilates in the healing environment of the water. It facilitates increased flexibility while challenging the individual to maintain core stabilization, balance and posture alignment.

Aqua Zumba
A dance party set to Latin music in the shallow water.  Participants will work on aerobicv endurance, muscular resistance, flexibility and join mobility, all at the same time. No dance experience required.

Arthritis Foundation Aquatics
This is a low impact water exercise program for individuals with arthritis or other physical impairments. Water buoyancy and resistance exercises are designed to help increase joint mobility and muscle strength as well as provide exercise and relieve discomfort.

Deep Aquarobics
Zero impact in the deep water uses water resistance to improve your abdominal toning, strengthening and flexibility in your buns and core, and improves cardiovascular fitness.

Deep Water Dynamics
This cross-training class will strengthen abdominal, thighs, and back muscles. Resistance of water will work your heart while avoiding impact. Buoyancy belts available. Need to feel comfortable in deep water.

High Intensity Water Workout
Class recommended for anyone looking for an intense workout in the pool! This class is very structured with interval training in strength and cardio. All ages are welcome.

An aquatic workout that will enhance your cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well as flexibility in a friendly and social setting.

Hydro Fit
A high intensity water aerobics class which is designed to promote fitness levels through cardiovascular & muscle toning exercises.

Hydrorider classes meld the cardio and lower-body conditioning of spin with the gentle-on-the-joints resistance of the water by using in-water cycling bikes. Classes are held at the Ascension St Vincent YMCA only. Bikes are limited, and participants can reserve a bike up to 24 hours in advance at the front desk.

Hydro Tone
A shallow water aerobics class which is gentle on your joints, but designed to promote fitness levels through cardiovascular and muscle toning exercises.

Class is sponsored by the local VA and held at our Dunigan Family YMCA. All are welcome, please sign in on deck each time you attend. This fun class has a moderate to low intensity  recreation program that uses barbells, noodles, boards, and gloves to add more resistance in the water workout. Workout formats include TABATA, HITT, and stations. Eye/Hand coordination games are part of the class.

An interval workout that alternates bouts of short intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. This deep water class features all the intensity without the impact or join stress.


*(YM) means YMCA member, which have full use of the St. Vincent and Dunigan YMCAs.
(NM) means Non-Member, which are enrolled in an individual YMCA program without being a YMCA Member.