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Get your oars in the water and experience the outdoor beauty of the recreational sport of kayaking.

Kayaking Workshop
Kayak Workshop

Join us at Lynnville Park for your one-day introduction and initial training into the recreational sport of kayaking. The workshop teaches you to identify the parts of the kayak, paddling techniques/skills, and kayak/water safety followed by an introduction into the basic skills of kayaking (conducted first on land – 30 minutes).  After your initial introduction to the kayak you will then launch out onto open waters to begin applying your new kayaking skills (1.5 hours on the water).  All equipment is provided.  Registration is required.

Lynnville Park
Apr 23
May 14
June TBA
July TBA
Sept TBA
12 yr – Adult
$45 (YM)/$55 (NM)
Key information for all Kayak Workshop participants:
  • Waiver: All participants must sign a waiver at registration (on file for the season) prior to participating.
  • Arrival Time: Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time at Lynnville Park.  We will work to have an identifiable area for all participants to rally.  The entrance worker should be able to direct you to our set up area (please ask).  Also, look for our RED YMCA Kayak docking flag (this also serves as our launch,  return and land rally point identifier).
  • Lynnville Park – The YMCA will prepay your entrance and launching fee (included in your registration fee).  Just tell the worker at the gate you are with the YMCA and your entrance fee has been prepaid. If you have additional individuals that are traveling with you, but not participating, know that the YMCA has paid for your vehicle entrance which includes others in the vehicle that are not participating on the water.  FYI – The park entrance fee is $3 per vehicle (your fee is covered by the YMCA).
  • Clothes: Wear comfortable clothes (ones you don’t mind getting a little wet from the splashing of your paddle).
  • Shoes: Wear tennis shoes or water shoes.
  • Equipment: The YMCA will provide the kayak, life jacket, and paddles.
  • Water: We recommend that you bring your own water bottle for the 2 hour class so you can stay hydrated.
  • Sun Screen: We advise you to apply (and/or bring) sunscreen.  You will be out on the water for about and hour and a half so we want you to have a great experience and be protected from the sun.
  • Inclement Weather: In the event of inclement weather please check your email for notification no earlier than one hour prior to the start of your program.
  • Safety:  Our kayak coordinator will provide a safety briefing and do a complete walk through of the kayak (on dry ground), equipment orientation, paddling technique, all safety protocols, and a policy review, prior to first time launch (provided the day of workshop). It is a requirement for you to wear a coast guard approved type III PFD at all times (provided by the YMCA).  We have the following sizes available: Adult S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXL.  All participants are required to follow all safety guidelines and instructions.  Our kayak coordinator will provide all participants with a safety whistle and compass. A first aid kit is onsite if needed.
  • Additional Safety Focus:
    -No swimming from kayaks.
    -DO NOT purposely tip kayaks.
    -If you find yourself in the water, your first priority is to get back to your craft.
    -Our kayak instructor will assist you if you are observed struggling to self-rescue.

Your safety is paramount so thank you for adhering to all program instructions.

Kayaking Club - 8 Week Program
Kayaking Club 

The YMCA Kayaking Club expands beyond the one-day workshop introduction into an 8 week kayaking journey.  On day one our experienced kayak instructor will begin by covering the skills needed to progress in the sport of kayaking by teaching you how to identify the parts of the kayak, paddling techniques/skills, kayak and water safety, and the experience of navigating the open waters.  Then you will hit the open waters to apply and develop your kayaking skills.  The subsequent weeks are dedicated to hitting the open waters with the application of the skills you have learned (always preceded by a safety briefing before every launch).  Our hands-on approach will assure a productive and joyful experience for all participants! Perfect for beginner to seasoned kayakers and a great program for the entire family.  Kayaks, life jackets, and instructor are provided.  Program locations will be provided with the release of the session schedule.  Space is limited!

Sign up, get outside and enjoy the beauty of the open water with our kayaking club.  First time participants receive a t-shirt.

  • Members must sign a waiver (on file for the season) prior to participating.
  • An equipment orientation and policy review is required prior to first time launch.
  • You must wear a coast guard approved type III PFD at all times (provided by the YMCA).  
  • No swimming from kayaks or paddle boards.
  • DO NOT purposely tip kayaks or paddle boards.
  • If you find yourself in the water, your first priority is to get back to your craft.  
  • Our kayak instructor will assist you if you are observed struggling to self-rescue.
Kayaking Business & Group Outings
Kayak Business and Group Outings

Are you looking for a new way to engage and grow with your employees? We are offering group outings for companies that would like to rent our kayaks for staff events. Start team building today! Email rentals@ymcaswin.org for information.

Kayaking for Scouts
Kayaking for Scouts – Badge Certification

Secure your Boy or Girl Scout troop kayak badges. Our instructor can help your troop complete the requirements needed. Contact rentals@ymcaswin.org for more information.



*(YM) means YMCA member, which have full use of the St. Vincent and Dunigan YMCAs.
(NM) means Non-Member, which are enrolled in an individual YMCA program without being a YMCA Member.