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Lacrosse Learn-To-Play Clinic
Take your game to the next level with our new Learn-To-Play Lacrosse Clinic. Our clinic is designed to teach fundamental lacrosse skills to players in 1st-8th grade.  This 8 week session will focus on the evolution of individual lacrosse skills while enhancing an individual’s level of play in a fun, structured and instructional environment.  Sportsmanship, skill development and skill progression are emphasized.  Session is led by YMCA Lacrosse Coordinator/Trainer, Coach Blake Hargett.  This clinic is limited so register ASAP at the front desk.

Sa, Apr 4- May 23
2:00-3:00 PM
$70 (YM) | $95 (NM)
  • Required Equipment:  The only required equipment needed to participate in the Learn-To-Play lacrosse clinic is a lacrosse stick (extra lacrosse sticks are on-hand in the event a participant forgets their stick or they need to use a loaner stick).  Eye protection and a mouth guard/piece is recommended but is at the discretion of the participants legal guardian.
  • Optional Equipment: Players are free to use lacrosse gloves and/or elbow/wrist pads during clinic drills.  Contact the sports department at for additional details and info on our discount program through our sponsors for participants to purchase a starter set at a discounted rate.

Youth Lacrosse League...Coming Soon!

Lacrosse StickTake your game to the next level with our new YMCA Youth Lacrosse League. Our league is designed to assist players (4th-6th / 7th-8th grade) with the evolution of their individual skill level while enhancing their level of play in a fun, competitive and structured environment.  Sportsmanship, skill progression and teamwork are emphasized.  Everyone plays (automatic sub rotation)!  Practices are optional but highly encouraged for skill development.  Session is led by YMCA Lacrosse Coaches.

Players will receive 8 games, a weekly one-hour instructor-led practice session, instructor coach and league t-shirt. 

FEES • :
We will work to develop participation numbers before launching LAX league play.
Games-SA / Practices-TBA
$75 (YM) | $100 (NM)

Lacrosse equipment is required to participate. Each participant, not currently possessing their own equipment, will be required to purchase a lacrosse starter set (helmet, chest protector pads, gloves, elbow/wrist pads, mouth guard and stick).  Contact the sports department at for additional details and info on our discount program through our sponsors for participants to purchase a starter set at a discounted rate.

Dick’s Sporting Goods carries Lacrosse starter kits (including chest pads, elbow pads and gloves).  You will also need to add a lacrosse stick and help.  Dick’s staff can assist you with getting outfitted with gear for the session.  For discounts on our purchase contact Coach Matt at for Dick’s coupons.

Check out full lacrosse starter kits online at Dick’s Sporting Goods or Sport Stop for full package discounts.

  • Our ultimate goal is to provide separate leagues for boys and girls due to game play and rules. Girls are welcome to participate in the boy’s league if they feel comfortable wearing full equipment.  For the girls league the required equipment will be helmet/goggles, mouth guard, stick and protective gloves. 

Personal Lacrosse Training

Take your skills to the next level with a personal lacrosse trainer!  Our top-notch lacrosse trainers focus individual training sessions around assisting players with the advancement of their individual skill level.  From defense to offense, players are evaluated, drilled and instructed through individually tailored workouts that are designed to take a player to the next level.  Sessions are personal and focus on the individual player’s skill needs.

By Appt
$50 hr (Ind – YM) | $60 hr (Ind – NM)

Contact the sports department for instructor availability, days and times at

 Partner, Small Group and Team Rates available upon request. 

Spring Break Lacrosse Camps
Stay tuned for Spring Break lacrosse camp details.  Details will be posted as soon as they are available.  If interested please e-mail the sports department at

Summer Lacrosse Camps
To access our lacrosse camp details…click SUMMER SPORTS CAMP
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*(YM) means YMCA Facility Member, which have full use of the Downtown and Dunigan YMCAs.  (NM) means Non-Member, which are enrolled in an individual YMCA program without being a YMCA Facility Member.