Tips for Back to School Success - YMCA of Southwestern Indiana

Tips for Back to School Success

With school going back in session, we want to provide a few back-to-school tips to help your child be successful this school year. It’s been proven that children are more likely to succeed academically when parents take an active role in their education. And here are some simple tips to help you achieve that:

  1. Plan ahead. This year will be different. Know your school’s reopening plan. As you prepare to go back, allow your child to make decisions about things like their wardrobe (even their mask), their school lunches and snacks, etc. This will not only improve their decision making skills, but they are more likely to enjoy decisions they have made themselves.
  2. Maintain good communication with your child’s teacher. Get involved in activities that support the school, staff  and building healthy relationships for giving and receiving feedback.
  3. Make sure your child gets proper rest in order to improve their alertness and attentiveness throughout the school day. Start modifying their sleep schedule 10-14 days prior to the start of school. Modify by 15 minutes each day leading up to school. Remember children ages 6–12 years need 9–12 hours, and youth ages 13–18 years need 8–10 hours each day.
  4. Provide healthy meals and snacks. Good good nutrition is essential to helping your child thrive in every aspect of life. Help them make healthy decisions.
  5. Take time to read together for at least 20 minutes a day. This provides time for you and your child to connect while fostering important literacy skills.
  6. Lean on the Y. The Y is here to support all families. Whether it’s Before & After School Care at your child’s school, visiting our Youth Activity Centers or STEM lab, or discovering and exploring in Enrichment Programs, the Y family is here for your family.

At the Y, we’re committed to helping children and families thrive. It’s all about empowering our community for good. That’s why we strive every day to nurture our youth, strengthen families and help every person reach their fullest potential.