Volunteering & Social Connectedness - YMCA of Southwestern Indiana

Volunteering & Social Connectedness

  • Volunteerism is mutually beneficial – In addition to promoting good will, volunteering time and/or money an help connect you with your community. Even a litte volunteering can go a long way. But as it turns out, the more you contribute, the better you may feel. Studies show that people who do a lot of volunteering are mentally healthier.
  • Forming social connections – Volunteering can promote a sense of social connectedness for people of all ages. Just the act of contributing to something you are passionate about can have several positive impacts on your health.
  • Positive impact for kids and teens – Children who are encouraged to engage in volunteer activities are more likely to become active adults in their communities. More often than not, these individuals will have a larger and more prosperous social network. Connecting with an organization through volunteering can connect children and teens to a social network that they may otherwise miss out on. All in all, volunteering can positively impact the mental health and well-being of children  and teens.
  • It’s never too late to get involved – Volunteering is also an important way for aging adults to stay active in, and connected with their communities. Volunteering and staying socially-connected has shown to increase adults’ knowledge about health by connecting them with local services, building relationships, and providing emotional support.


Whether it’s volunteering at the Y or for another cause that you’re passionate about, you’ll not only benefit your community, but you own well-being too!