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Youth Wellness

Building Active Children through Exercise

This four-week BACE program encourages our youth (ages 8-14) to develop a healthy self-esteem and confidence all while inspiring them to lead a physically active and healthier lifestyle. Through one-on-one coaching and age-appropriate exercises that are specifically tailored to each child’s personal goals and interests, your child will gain the strength and tools to tackle anything. Sessions are 1 hour long.

  • 1 four-week session $24(YM)/$48(NM)

Available at both the Ascension St. Vincent YMCA and Dunigan Family YMCA by appointment. For more information or to set an appointment, contact:

Healthy Weight and Your Child

Healthy Weight and Your Child is a pediatric weight management program committed to helping youth (ages 7-13) make small lifestyle changes to improve their health. This small group class is designed for children, along with a parent, to learn healthy habits and how to apply these changes at home. Classes meet twice weekly for 25 sessions and include nutrition lessons and activity components. Contact for more information.

Youth Wellness Orientation

Youth Wellness Orientations are free and required for our youth members 10-13 years old. This orientation provides information on what equipment is approved for them to use based on their age. Along with learning proper use of equipment, safety, and how exercise affects the body, participants also learn how to set up a fitness program and use the cardiovascular and weight training equipment with proper technique. To schedule your Youth Wellness Orientation, please contact the Wellness Desk:

  • Ascension St Vincent YMCA: 812-423-9622 x 3333
  • Dunigan Family YMCA: 812-401-9622 x 4305