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DIAMONDS is a program for females between the ages of 7 and 18 that promotes healthy choices/ healthy relationships, helps them establish career goals, and works to increase self-esteem. Since its inception in 1995, the program has received a number of awards the positive impact it has had on the lives of youth and families.

Staff of the program work to:

  • Improve the relationships between the parents and children/encourage family values.
  • Promote social responsibility by involving youth in community service projects.
  • Inform participants about the dangers of abusing alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs(ATOD).
DIAMONDS Components
DIAMONDETTES (K-5th grade) – The “Diamondettes” make up the elementary component of the DIAMONDS program. The groups meet weekly and participate in activities that develop character, and increase self-esteem. The various curricula used incorporate group discussions, role playing, field trips, and other activities.

DIAMONDS II (6th-8th grade) – Activities for this group of middle school girls focus on increasing their knowledge about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug(ATOD); improving social skills; and emphasizing the importance of being a leader. All of these activities help prepare the young ladies to move into DIAMONDS I when they begin high school.

DIAMONDS I (9th-12th grade) – These young ladies continue to participate in activities that primarily focus on healthy relationships/healthy choices, improving self-esteem, civic engagement, and academics.

For more information about the DIAMONDS program please call 812.492.6721

YMCA Community Action Program (Y-CAP)

The Y-CAP program helps develop young boys into responsible, respectful young men. The program challenges participants to improve their overall academic performance and attitudes towards education in an effort to decrease delinquent behaviors at school and in the community. Activities included promote healthy and successful lifestyles and ways to sustain community collaborations through volunteerism. Y-CAP also sssists families of participants in identifying community resources to help meet their needs.

Y-CAP Components
  • Y-CAP I (3rd & 4th Grades) – is a school based program that is designed to increase the healthy development of young males. This phase focuses on building self-esteem and developing character to aid in conflict resolution and drug/alcohol awareness.
  • Y-CAP II (5th Grade) – is a school based program that is designed to continue the healthy development of young males. This phase also focuses on building self-esteem and developing character to aid in conflict resolution and drug/alcohol awareness.
  • Middle School (6th-8th Grades) – is school based and focuses on working with high-risk middle school students. Activities are primarily related to life skills development, academic improvement, and relationship building.
  • High School (9th-12th Grades) – is designed to help teach high school students the necessary skills that will help them become successful following high school graduation. Activities with this component include guest speakers, visits to local colleges and businesses, group discussions, and simulations to teach life skills.
  • Alternative Groups – Pathways to Success(6th-8th Grades and 9th-12th Grades) – The “Pathways to Success” program focuses on providing services to adolescent males attending the EVSC’s Academy for Innovative Studies. The program is designed to guide participants through self-discovery activities that teach positive character traits and values, in an effort to enhance life, social, interpersonal, and vocational skills.
For more information about Y-CAP please call 812.492.6723.

Youth Leadership & Sports Programs

The YMCA’s Youth Leadership & Sports Programs focus on different aspects of character development (i.e. developing leadership skills, conflict resolution techniques, and becoming a better citizen). Our sports programs give youth the opportunity to participate in FREE leagues that help develop their athletic and social skills, while our leadership programs prepare youth for different “real-world” situations that they will face. Our goal is that youth involved in our programs become the future leaders in their schools and in the community.

Leadership Network
  • Generation Y – This character development program that focuses on topics like setting goals, making good decisions, and conflict resolution, prepares fourth and fifth grade students for the social changes they will experience upon entering middle school. Generation Y also helps prepare the students for the educational changes they will experience. Group discussions, games, and activities are used to address all of these topics.
  • Youth Achievers (6th-8th grade) – Youth Achievers is a continuation of our Generation Y program. Topics such conflict resolution, making good decisions, interpersonal relationships, and setting goals are addressed thru games, activities, and group discussions. One of the primary goals of the program is to help middle school students prepare for their adolescent years.
  • Youth & Government (9th-12th grade) – Youth & Government is a state-wide program that teaches youth the legislative process, while promoting civic engagement. Through this program, students’ public speaking & debate skills are also enhanced. The program reaches its peak in Indianapolis at the State House with the meeting of the three day Model Legislature & Court. There, the teen delegates “take over”, using the historic halls, chambers, and offices of our State Capitol and Supreme Court.
  • Generation Next – This college preparatory program prepares students for life after high school, whether it’s pursuing a post-secondary education, entering the military, or entering the work force. Students enrolled in the Generation Next will receive information about a number of two and four-year institutions, as well as information about the SAT and ACT tests. We also help students complete the necessary financial-aid forms, scholarship applications, and admissions applications. Visits to local businesses also help students gain knowledge about various professions that are of interest to them.
Sports Enrichment Activities
  • Compute & Shoot – This FREE summer league focuses on developing basketball skills, while engaging youth in a number of team-building games that incorporate physical activity. The purpose of this league is to promote athletics, healthy living, and working together as a team.
  • Youth Basketball Camp – This FREE summer camp focuses mainly on introducing elementary students to the game of basketball. General rules of the game are covered, and instructors begin teaching some of the basic skills related to the sport.

If you have questions about our Youth Leadership & Sports Programs, please call 812.492.6716.